The main purpose of “BARNIKI” brand is to make all-natural and high-quality nut bars
without using sugar, artificial flavors and preservatives.
Sugar is one of the most important and widely used ingredients in food formulations.
However, regular consumption of sugar increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and increases
the risk of fatty liver. That is why sugar, in any way, is not used in the production of
“BARNIKI” products. The sweetness of nut bars is derived from low-temperature processed
honey and a small amount of non-GMO wheat glucose. As you know honey is primarily
composed of sugar, provides small amounts of several vitamins and minerals, and is rich in
health-promoting plant compounds. The honey used in the products is processed under seventy
degrees Celsius to preserve the nutritional qualities of the honey.
Food preservatives and additives are usually chemical compounds that are added to increase
the shelf life and prevent the growth of microorganisms in order to reduce the rate of spoilage of


No added sugar, no artificial preservatives, flavors or colours, non-GMO.