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Product sourcing is the primary stage in the importation business. Many companies, private entrepreneurs or just individuals try to find high-quality products from the Islamic Republic of Iran but they lack the ability or the time to source products they need. Further, resourcing can be exhausted and fruitless if you do not get the right experience in IRI market.
Thus, we can keep track of all your supply requirements with our product sourcing solutions. The service includes researching, calculating the product’s price and acquisition costs, vetting reputable suppliers, and negotiating to get the best deals.
With our thirty years of experience in the trade market, our knowledge and skills are sound. We believe we can help you find the right supplier even for the rarest of goods.

The Armenian-Iranian relations have a unique nature and they should continue developing based on firm friendly ties, emphasizing the need to take practical steps to boost the commercial ties and utilize the existing potential.
Businesses depend on the development and maintenance of vital relations with employees, business partners, suppliers, customers—any person or entity that is involved in the business process. Companies that intentionally cultivate and maintain connections may be more successful than those that ignore these connections. Strong business relations can promote customer awareness, customer retention, and collaboration between businesses in the supply chain.
• Trust, loyalty, and communication are hallmarks of solid business relations.
• Communication strategies can lead to greater employee satisfaction.

When conducting a marketing analysis, it is important to take a look at this segment to ensure that you are using the right channels to get your product to your buyers. The best promotion or marketing, however, won’t get sales if the product is being sold or distributed in the wrong place.
The evaluation identifies where an organization is meeting its market development objectives and where it is not, and recommends ways to address weaknesses and strengthen impact. Our analysts assess market dynamics and trade flows, as well as competing local production and imports. Similarly, our studies provide a clear understanding of the productive capacity and distribution and import/export trends of key competitors in Armenian marketplace.