Fanavar Plastic Sepahan corporation (F.P.S CO) has been established in Najaf Abad industrial zone in 2005, with the aim of manufacturing PVC, UPVC and WPC building components. Currently it operates more than 120,000 square meters manufacturing facilities using the largest extrusion lines and known as one of the leading producers in the field of polymer constructional parts in the country.

Fanavar Plastic Sepahan Co aims to supply its innovative products along with global strategy of energy consumption and fuel efficiency. On this basis, it has been developing a variety of polymer building materials in order to protect and preserve fossil fuels, as well as to increase the quality of construction products and the speed of construction, optimization of construction materials prices, building stylization and other capabilities that benefit from these products. The productions are produced in different weights, colors and prices observing all quality standards. F.P.S.CO has always been ahead of the building products industry in the country. As the leading building solutions provider which has been committed to quality and innovation, it distributes various UPVC products by providing their 4 brands such as vinyl siding and accessories (C.PAN SIDING), windows and door profile (C. FOUR), indoor siding panels and ceiling (C.PAN), wood polymer doors (C. DOOR).